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Best Practice in Pest Control for UK Shop Owners

When a customer comes into your shop and buys something, they expect great service, reliable products and most importantly, a clean pest free environment. Many customers will come into your establishment and immediately presume that all health and safety standards are at an acceptable level of quality and cleanliness. Any food products they buy from you should be safe to eat.

Pests that frequently infest UK shops (especially food stores) are cockroaches, flies, rodents and birds. All of these pests carry bacteria that can make someone seriously ill. Not only will this pose a threat to your health, but the health of you staff and customers too. A customer who spots even one pest in your business can ruin your reputation. All of your loyal customers will take their business elsewhere if they find out you have a pest problem.

A pest infestation can happen at any time to any one. An important strategy to use in the fight against pests is to put a solid pest prevention routine in place, and make sure all your staff are trained in how to follow it. Every employee plays an important part in making sure your store remains pest free, so need to be well informed on what the protocol is if they spot pests. By giving your staff training on pest control, they will be able to notice the signs of a pest infestation, and will know to report to you immediately.

In addition to training your staff on how to spot pest problems, you reach out for some help from a local pest controller. If you are based in the London area, get in touch with Pest Exterminators for commercial pest control. You may also want to consider some extra bird control for your premises if you find that you’re having a problem with pigeons.

To make sure you don’t leave your store vulnerable to a pest infestation, it simply takes staff training and taking the advice of the professionals. This will only cost you a small amount, and little time to make sure all pests are exterminated, and your reputation isn’t damaged.

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