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How Halal Certification Works

In order for foods to be considered a halal food item, they must have maintained certain standards and received this certification. Halal foods have to go through a strict certification processes by a halal certification agency. This process can be confusing to those that aren’t familiar with it. Here’s how halal certification works.

The Three Types of Certification

There are generally three different types of halal certification available. Individual products can receive this certification. This includes meat and poultry products where strict standards were followed throughout an animal’s life and death. These animals must have been given a vegetarian diet throughout their entire life, been raised in an ethical way and have been killed as humanely as possible by a Muslim. Another certification available pertains to where halal foods were produced. In order to be granted halal certification, halal standards have to have been followed throughout the production process. Stores can also receive halal certification as well. What this means is that all of the foods that are prepared and sold from that store will be halal foods. The certification process may vary which each halal certification agency, but standards do tend to be similar throughout different countries.

Why Halal Certification Is Important

There are a couple of reasons why halal certification is important. For those that only eat halal foods, it can be difficult to know whether or not the foods they’re eating are halal if there is not a certification of them. When a food is halal certified, there is often a label on them that lets a consumer know that the food they are purchasing has followed halal standards and has received this certification. This decreases the uncertainty that a consumer has when it comes to whether or not what they are eating is in fact a halal food. Halal certification, like the certification of organic, gluten-free or kosher items, allows consumers to be as informed as possible when it comes to knowing exactly they are eating.

Halal Certification Agencies

Throughout the world there are numerous agencies that certify halal food. This is allows for consumers to purchase foods from other countries that they know are halal certified. For those that live in an area with limited resources, this is a great option as they can order some of these foods online. For those that travel frequently, this will allow them to find halal foods while they are traveling, if they are available in that area.

Limitation of Halal Certification and Halal Foods

There are some limitations to halal certification and halal foods in general. There is still some uncertainty as to how products actually receive halal certification at times. Consumers also tend to have difficulties finding halal foods as they aren’t as readily available as some consumers would like them to be. Halal certification can be difficult to obtain so not a lot of local options may be available but you can visit Halalxpert for more info since they do provide international halal services and certification at a reasonable price. For those that only wish to eat halal food, they may find that their options are limited.

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